What’s the real deal about a 21 Day Challenge?

We all hear about 21 Day Challenges everyday from all sorts of avenues. We ourselves run a 21 Day Superfood Challenge @CantFlexFat. The question is, can 21 days performing a consistent action truly make a difference in your life?

The reason 21 days is used to perform certain actions is due to the fact that there is real proven science behind the success rate of it!
Many scientists have proven it takes a mere 21 Days to form a new habit or break an old habit. One of these scientists confirming this is Dr. Caroline Leaf, a popular author in Health & Wellness who studied the neuropsychology and neuroscience pathology of the brain. Dr. Caroline Leaf also states if we follow a set way for 21 days, it will start forming a habit. She also confirms if you follow through with this same habit for 2 more 21 Day Cycles, it will become part of your sub-conscious brain, thus making it a long-term imprint.
“But why is it so important to form a habit? I just want to look and feel great in 21 Days!”
Everyone comes from different walks of life so when following a set 21 Day Healthy Eating or Fitness program, most people will already see a massive difference in their body. However, the real results lie in long term sustaining of this.

If you have pushed through for 21 Days in a challenge, you have overcome a major barrier of now being able to form this as a habit! Consistent habits become long term actions, which in turn become long term results!

Let’s be honest, although we all love the idea of seeing results in just 21 Days, we also want those results to last for much, much longer.
21 Days will kick start you in the right direction with the help of a motivational fitness coach or easy delivered meals to your door to help you stay on the right path. The rest will come easier and more consistent from there on making it a long term lifestyle change.

So now we know the science and truth behind 21 Days to a better you! Let’s get you started on your own 21 Day Habit Forming Challenge!
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  1. How sure are we that your diet is working because you advertising person is already a skinny celebrity ,you should use someone who is fat and trying to loose weight so that some of us can see her difference in her body then we can purchase your food.

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